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“As new business partners, it's helpful to have the time carved out once a month where we can meet with (VtSBDC Area Advisor) Debra (Boudrieau) as an impartial third party to give perspective on how things are going and to surface any concerns or questions about where we're going with our business,” Baiser said. “Every time we meet with her becomes a moment of intentional reflection where we can take a step back from the day-to-day and think big picture about where we've been and where we're headed."

Kate Stephenson, HELM Construction solutions LLC, Brattleboro and Montpelier VT

"I think anybody who owns a business knows the challenges, new and old, that pop up everyday ... It is easy to lose track of the big picture. The importance of having some one like (VtSBDC Area Advisor) Steve Densham take the time to look at your business with a fresh set of eyes is so vital at whatever stage your business is in. It’s the equivalent of having a golf professional look at your golf swing or a basketball coach look at your jump shot!"

Nick Landrigan, Arrowhead Golf Course, Milton VT

“Working with (VtSBDC Area Advisor) Steve Paddock has proven both beneficial and essential to the starting up and growth of our business. In addition to his expertise with business finances, Steve has a wealth of experience and wisdom from having worked with many other businesses in similar stages. I am truly appreciative of the program and would highly recommend it to others.”

John Monks, Vermont Tree Goods LLC, Bristol VT

“I like to say that ‘all roads lead to (VtSBDC Area Advisor)Steve Densham. Steve’s entertaining and insightful mentorship has been instrumental in helping us transform our passion for our craft into a growing and sustainable business."

Rich Arentzen, AO Glass LLC, Burlington VT

“Our business saw a 20 percent increase in the year we started to work with (VtSBDC Area Advisor Steve Paddock). With his help we were able to put together much more accurate budgets and measuring tools that have allowed us to monitor our progress more closely. He has given us valuable information about our industry, and innovative ways to look at our problems. It has been an inspiring and reassuring experience."

Julie Rubaud, Red Wagon Plants, Hinesburg VT

“I, like most business owners, know that bouncing ideas off smart people is a great way to make things happen. Anytime I am bouncing around a new business idea I call (VtSBDC Area Advisor Charley Ininger)... Charley (Ininger) helped us figure out what levels of growth the banks would accept year over year and what percentage we should peg for expenses. We had great ideas of where to start, but he helped us refine those ideas. His advice was invaluable ... I have come to rely on and value and access to great services that the SBDC provides my business. They are one of the reasons I love doing business in Vermont."

Caleb Magoon, Waterbury Sports, Waterbury VT

“(VtSBDC Area Advisor Brian DeClue) was very informative. He also introduced me to a banker who would work with me after I had a hard time on my own. I got the financing I needed ... I would recommend the VtSBDC to anyone looking to start their own business."

Everett Thurston, Thurston Forestry, Clarendon VT

“There were so many questions. How do you write a compelling business plan, where do you seek funding, how do you structure investor deals, city permitting, realistic projections, etcetera that we needed the advice of a knowledgeable professional on our journey ... “There is no way our club would be open right now without VtSBDSC ... The business, and frankly, emotional support we got was critical to our success ... Sometimes that’s all you need to keep going.”

Nathan Hartswick, Vermont Comedy Club, Burlington VT

“Working with (VtSBDC Area Advisor Ross Hart) was great because he was not intimidating. He helped me understand where I was in my business and what was needed to move forward.”

Steven Davis, Vermont High Performance Manufactured Housing, Wilder VT