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It’s all about networking. VtSBDC has been the conduit for numerous resources leveraged at the local, state, and federal level. We can’t do everything by ourselves and we appreciate VtSBDC’s extensive network and pool of resources. VtSBDC has also been instrumental in helping our company access the capital needed to grow from Jeff’s garage to our current location of 16,000 sq ft.

Michael Boudreau, Sterling Technologies, Morrisville, Vermont

“Initially my partner and I approached VtSBDC for help in getting our initial business loan. Boy, what a process! Steve led us through the process with patience and mentoring. We received our loan and were on our way. Currently, we are making a major expansion to our business and require additional financing. Steve is working us through the process again and we are confident in getting the resources we need to further expand our business….thanks, Steve”

Amy Harrison, Signal Kitchen, Burlington, VT

“Our work with Dave Rubel from VtSBDC was nothing short of amazing. He not only helped us get a better overview of our business and finances, but he also lined us up with Margret Munro from Tax Panacea. It was this new relationship with Tax Panacea that allowed us to review our taxes and helped save us thousands of dollars in items that we were unaware that we could write off. I highly recommend any business, new or existing, to work with VtSBDC and if they can, request Dave Rubel!"

Mike Lannen, Owner, Eternity Web Marketing, Barre, VT

“After taking the “Start Your Own Business” workshop with Laurel Butler, Area Business Advisor of the Vermont Small Business Development Center (VtSBDC), I met with her several times. These meetings provided me with valuable insights, encouragement and guidance that helped me find the necessary resources and networking to successfully move my business forward”.

Chef Papi (Miguel Angel Bernard-Rivera, Chef Papi's Gluten Free, LLC

"Brian at VtSBDC was essential to the development of my business plan. He gave me the confidence to push forward with it, and helped set me up with a lender who gave me the financial boost I needed to make my dream reality. Thank you."

Jennifer Usher, Make it Sew

"I am so grateful for all the help and support Brian DeClue and the VTSBDC provided to me. I was able to develop a business plan, apply for a business loan, secure the loan and start my business. Without the help of Brian, I never would have been able to fulfill my dream of being a psychotherapist in private practice."

Kristie LeVitre, Kristie LeVitre LCMHC

“Without VtSBDC I never would have written such a great business plan that helped secure my business loan. Along with that, they helped me fully understand my financials, and continue to support me through my first year. I plan to continue using them for many years to come. The single most important piece of help I ever had.”

Jessica Dennison, Vermont Manufacturing Services

I really appreciate all that you have done in keeping me inspired and guiding me along. I would not be where I am without your enthusiasm, help and support.

Roger Batchelder, Route 103 Auto, Chester, VT

I have worked with the SBDC through a couple of different avenues. When just starting the farm business I took a QuickBooks class they offered which really got me off on the right foot keeping track of income and expenses. It was one of the best things I did starting out and probably would not have done it without the SBDC. Now I am working with an SBDC counselor to evaluate the various enterprises of my business - llama walks, workshops, fiber sales etc. and consider the possibility of building a retail store. The counselor has been excellent and given me practical and beneficial assignments each time we have met. This is an organization that is doing real work and not just talking and theorizing!

Agape Hill Farm, Hardwick, VT

“Everyone I worked with at the Vermont Small Business Development office was supportive, friendly and informative. They genuinely cared about the project and worked hard to help us reach our goals. We were able to purchase our new building by the end of the year thanks to their extra effort !”

Caitlyn Wilkinson, Owner, Renaissance Fine Jewelry

We would like to thank Vermont Small Business Development Center for the assistance we received from Ross Hart and VtSBDC. Without Mr. Hart we never could of formulated the necessary information or the educational necessity for the business plan that we have constructed for the vital expansion of our company. Mr. Hart’s patience and expertise not only helped us to create, but to complete a task that we felt was insurmountable. We thank you and Ross Hart for your concern for the Vermont Small Business man, otherwise we don’t know how we could of accomplished our goals or grown to be the integral part of our community that we sought to be part of.

David Kerrigan, Kerrigan’s Market & Deli LLC

As a small business owner, I've found VtSBDC to be instrumental in helping our company gets beyond the “garage stage” into what is now a thriving small business with 2008 revenues approaching 2,000,000. VtSBDC encouraged me to acquire the tools I need and work “on my business” rather than just working in it.

David Hare, President, New England List Service

Everyday I understand why new businesses aren't being started. It's too much work. Although it was made easier with the help of Steve Densham, VtSBDC, and FCIDC. The advice and guidance I received has saved me an immeasurable amount of time and headaches. I would never have been so successful at my first attempt at writing a businesses plan if it weren't for the help I received from Steve. He was available 24/7 through the whole experience and has been in constant contact. His years of experience have proved to be a huge asset to me and my project. I will certainly encourage other people in similar circumstances to seek out VtSBDC for help.

Brent Lehouiller - Franklin County

Mark Blanchard and the VtSBDC's contacts, expertise, ongoing counsel and encouragement have been invaluable in our journey of R&D, and early steps for commercialization of our product. We look forward to continuing our relationship as we begin marketing and improving our product, and in building a thriving company.

Larry Keyes, President, Microdesign Consulting, Inc.

The FastTrac™ training program conducted by Dave Rubel in Central Vermont provides all of the tools and resources needed to help brand new or experienced entrepreneurs improve their businesses.

Marge Gulyas, Bridgeman Hill Gardens and Albert Caron, Waterbury Service

The VTSBDC has been an invaluable resource of late, aiding in the responsible growth of my young company. Dave Rubel and I met periodically during the winter and early spring to assess my current state, prioritize needs, review available resources and generally create a short term plan for how we could work together to help Stonewall Hardscapes LLC remain successful. Dave was able to help in many ways, none the least of which was directing me to a Quickbooks Class that will help incredibly in the creation of my own personalized software, efficient and tailored to my business. Further, through our assessment, Dave and I pondered my need for solid, qualified help, and he was able to almost immediately network me with an individual he knew was looking for fulfilling work. We met, decided that we could help each other, and now my company is one stronger. I truly appreciate the resources that SBDC provides, and look forward to utilizing the services in my growth.

Josh Goldstein, owner of Stonewall Hardscapes