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We know business.


Student Entrepreneurship

"Entrepreneurship is more than just a major, class or program of study. It is a way to create the life you want doing something you are passionate about. The VtSBDC can help you start your business.

We understand the challenges students and recent graduates face when starting a business, and we are prepared to overcome these challenges with you.
We are committed to helping the students and recent graduates of Vermont become entrepreneurs! We offer no-cost classes and access to our amazing staff of expert business advisors. We can help you turn your idea into a sustainable business, teach you what is needed to make a successful business, or help you grow your existing business.

You may be in business for yourself, but you don’t have to be in business by yourself. This is where the VtSBDC can help you!
Contact our Main Office at to get access to a free Starting Your own Business class and to connect with an advisor in your area!"

For teachers who are interested in learning more about the entrepreneurship curriculum and statewide events to showcase student entrepreneurship please visit our REAL YOUTH ENTREPRENEURSHIP PAGE NOW!