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REAL Youth Entrepreneurship

Vermont Small Business Development Center
Vermont Small Business Development Center

VtSBDC, in partnership with Vermont Business Education Corporation, is committed to the students of Vermont becoming entrepreneurs invested in the growth of our state.

REAL - Rural Entrepreneurship Through Action Learning - is an experiential learning curriculum that develops that develops entrepreneurial knowledge and skills, and guides participants through the process of planning, creating, and operating small businesses of their own design. 

VtSBDC's key role is to certify new teachers in the REAL curriculum.

Recent studies have shown improved scores in reading, language, spelling, social studies and science for students in entrepreneurial classes over those in non-entrepreneurial classes.

REAL also connects local businesses, professionals and community leaders to assist in preparing students for success as entrepreneurs or employees entering the workforce.

To Learn more about Vermont REAL, contact the VtSBDC Lead Center office or (802) 728-9101.