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Strategic Small Business Assessment

  1. You complete the company self study and send to our Lead Assessor.
  2. An interview is scheduled with you and key management you would like to include in the process.
  3. The interview portion is comprehensive and together your team and our team will examine strengths, challenges, and opportunities for improvement in the following areas:
    • Marketing and Customer Relationships
    • Process Management
    • Human Resources
    • Information and Analysis
    • Leadership
    • Business Results
  4. The information is reviewed with you to ensure accuracy; and then a written feedback report is prepared on each section.
  5. Together, we will go over the report and identify next steps in the form of GOALS, ACTIVITIES, RESOURCES, AND DEADLINES.
  6. Four follow-up meetings will be scheduled in order to help you stay on track with implementation in order to realize desired results.

For Pricing, additional information, or to get the process started contact VtSBDC at