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Longtime Auto Technician Opens Repair Shop in Montpelier

2 minute read By Amanda Kuhnert When the timing belt blew on his first car, then 16-year-old Dylan Partridge knew he had to learn a few things about auto repair. He fixed the timing belt and started apprenticing at a repair shop near his home in Connecticut. This was the beginning of a lifelong passion for automotive troubleshooting. […]

There’s a New Barber in Town

2 minute read By Amanda Kuhnert After working with his business advisor for a few weeks, Christopher Blume started to worry about the final bill. But when she told him her hours were federally funded, he said, “That blew my mind. I thought setting up the business was going to be the most difficult part, but Nancy’s help […]


VtSBDC business advisors use market research that can help inform you when making decisions for your small business

2 minute read As a small business owner, have you wondered how your business stacks up compared to others in the same field? Or how to use knowledge of your industry to improve your sales and marketing approach? As part of VtSBDC’s day-to-day work providing no-fee, confidential, one-to-one advising, our advisors can go from helping a tech startup […]

Know Your Social

< 1 minute read If you are promoting your small business on social media, these resources are for you. As a small business owner, you have most likely incorporated social media into your marketing plans on one or more platforms. And just when we think we have learned how to use these tools, something new comes along. We have […]


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