A Warm Welcome to VtSBDC’s Summer 2023 Interns
2 minute read

VtSBDC is proud to introduce our outstanding summer 2023 interns: Daniel Hibbs, Joshua Moore, and Lili McKinstry. They each have brought a fresh perspective to our work and the team enjoys two-way, intergenerational learning that navigates challenges, enhances resources, and creates dynamic futures.

Daniel is a senior at the University of Vermont and is majoring in community entrepreneurship. Daniel’s goal before he graduates is to connect with new people, and he is grateful for the connections he has been able to make within the entrepreneurship and small business scene here in Vermont. His dream job is to be a leader and entrepreneur where he can contribute to society as an agent of economic innovation. Daniel has a variety of business venture interests but appreciates the scalability of software-based startups, the significance of renewable energy, and the benefits of health and wellness products to our society. Daniel’s favorite part of his internship is collaborating with VtSBDC advisors, strategizing with clients, and contributing to ongoing entrepreneurship with local stakeholders. Outside of work, Daniel takes pride in his physical care routine and enjoys yoga at Sangha Studio and polar plunges during the winter months. 

Joshua is a rising sophomore at the University of Vermont and is majoring in business administration with an entrepreneurial theme and a concentration in finance. Before he graduates, Joshua wants to start his own business, preferably a clothing company since he is interested in learning how to navigate the competitive industry. Once he graduates, Joshua would like to continue his business or work at a finance investment firm. Joshua says his favorite part of his internship is “working with the wonderful team and learning more about the resources available for entrepreneurs.” Joshua is currently learning to play guitar in his free time and can play “Let Her Go” by Passenger and “Blackbird” by The Beatles. 

Lili is a rising senior at the University of Vermont and is majoring in business administration with a global theme and a marketing concentration. Lili is looking forward to spending time with friends and getting involved in leadership roles on campus before she graduates. After that, Lili pictures herself as a part of a creative team for a sustainable clothing brand. In fact, if Lili was to start her own business right now, she would create a clothing brand that adheres to college age women entering the workforce who struggle to find business clothing that is both appropriate and suits their personal style. Lili explained her favorite part of her internship so far is: “learning from the incredibly knowledgeable and friendly team.” Outside of work, Lili enjoys reading fantasy and thriller novels. 

Story and Photos by Lili McKinstry, VtSBDC Summer Intern