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Longtime Auto Technician Opens Repair Shop in Montpelier

2 minute read By Amanda Kuhnert When the timing belt blew on his first car, then 16-year-old Dylan Partridge knew he had to learn a few things about auto repair. He fixed the timing belt and started apprenticing at a repair shop near his home in Connecticut. This was the beginning of a lifelong passion for automotive troubleshooting. […]

Access to Justice… Vermont Law and Graduate School’s Entrepreneurial Legal Lab (VLSell) supports small businesses and startups statewide

3 minute read For many, lawyers and the law can be scary and unfamiliar. The legal landscape may seem inaccessible, and unrepresentative of the people it serves. Finding a lawyer may be challenging, and the process can be expensive. These challenges are even more pronounced for business owners from BIPOC, women-owned, veterans, and rural communities. Vermont Law and […]

VtSBDC business advisors use market research that can help inform you when making decisions for your small business

2 minute read As a small business owner, have you wondered how your business stacks up compared to others in the same field? Or how to use knowledge of your industry to improve your sales and marketing approach? As part of VtSBDC’s day-to-day work providing no-fee, confidential, one-to-one advising, our advisors can go from helping a tech startup […]

Learn, Celebrate, & Connect on May 22: “She Means Business” event highlights women-owned business in the Rutland region

2 minute read Business Hop preview on May 20 & 21 RUTLAND, Vt. (May 4, 2023) – “She Means Business” will take place on May 22, 2023, at The Hub CoWorks located at 67 Merchants Row in Rutland. The second in a series of “She Means Business” events will provide opportunities to learn, connect, and celebrate Vermont’s women-owned […]

Waitsfield Store Fills Niche for Lifestyle Clothing

2 minute read By Amanda Kuhnert After raising their family in North Carolina, Steve Kenny and Kirstin Behn decided to move back to Kirstin’s hometown of Waitsfield to be closer to family and enjoy Vermont’s four seasons. Steve, who has been involved in clothing retail for 30 years, envisioned opening his own store. But he first had to […]

Discover Your Greatest Strengths (and potential weaknesses)

2 minute read How Assessing Your Management Skills Can Improve Your Business As the owner of a small business, you are automatically in a leadership position, even if you don’t have any employees. You manage the many layers of running your business including organizational, marketing, leadership, and financial. But is it necessary to be an expert in all […]

A Vermont Pop-Up Restaurant with Argentinian Roots

2 minute read By Amanda Kuhnert “It has always been a dream of mine to start a business and share my passion for healthy and delicious food,” said Jacqueline de Achaval, co-owner of Paprika Catering, an empanada pop-up based in Waterbury. Achaval grew up in Argentina and attended culinary school there before moving to Colorado, where she spent […]

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