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Introducing Your Year-End Accounting Checklist: Be prepared and check all the boxes to ensure your business is “tax-ready”

< 1 minute read For Vermont’s small business owners, the arrival of 2022 means that it’s time to prepare your 2021 year-end items for your tax preparer. To make that process as easy as possible, Carol Feliciano, VtSBDC consultant and owner of 802 Books & Taxes, has created a complete checklist of everything you will need. As the business […]

Widewail founder weighs in on thinking big, shopping small, and helping businesses get ahead in an SEO world

3 minute read There was a time not too long ago when the term “reputation management” was used only by public relations pros shaping the perception of their corporate clients. With growth of the internet and the increasing prevalence of social media, online search results have jumped to the front burner for all businesses, no matter what their […]

Creativity & Innovation for Vermont educators: Course inspires entrepreneurial mindset in the classroom and beyond

3 minute read The lakeside conference room hummed with creativity and innovative ideas as VtSBDC Advisor and Student Entrepreneurship Specialist Laurel Butler and VtSBDC Consultant and CVU faculty member Tamie-Jo Dickinson facilitated the kickoff of Creativity and Innovation, a course that offers three graduate credits from Castleton University.  More than 20 Vermont educators and workforce development professionals gathered […]

3 Facebook Forward Tips to Engage Your Customers

4 minute read Plan it. Build it. Post it. Analyze it. Vermont’s small business owners recognize that social media now plays a starring role on the marketing stage. There are other important players, but the current trend shows that to successfully engage your customers, some form of social media is a must. There are many options to choose […]

See it. Understand it. Own it. Win it. Accomplish your business goals by Knowing Your Number$

4 minute read “Never take your eyes off the cash flow because it’s the lifeblood of the business.”  – Sir Richard Branson, business magnate, author, investor, philanthropist Have you ever seen someone’s eyes light up when they talk about cash flow? That was the case during a recent conversation between The Starting Point and Vermont Small Business Development Center’s […]

Entrepreneurs of All Ages Pitching in Vermont

3 minute read Vermont’s Future is in Great Hands with These Budding Young Entrepreneurs By Priyanka Prakasha Every July, VtSBDC looks forward to assisting with the annual, week-long entrepreneurial program for local high school students, put on by the Governor’s Institutes of Vermont. This event holds a special place in VtSBDC business advisor and student entrepreneurship specialist, Laurel […]

Why You Need Interns Right Away: The Symbiotic Relationship that Allows your Business to Thrive

3 minute read By Priyanka Prakasha In biology, there is a type of symbiotic relationship known as mutualism that describes the interaction between two parties in which both of them benefit. Take the oxpecker and the rhino, for example. The oxpecker lands on the rhino’s back, eating any ticks it finds. The oxpecker gets food and the rhino […]

VtSBDC Business Advisor Scott Holson Shines a Light on Innovation & Tech Commercialization

4 minute read “The value of an idea lies in the using of it.” – Thomas A. Edison For an entrepreneur, there is no greater fulfillment than seeing one’s innovative idea launch forth into a marketable product or service. Ask anyone who has experienced that trajectory and they will tell you it was not by luck, but by hard […]