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Students explore opportunities in Vermont’s business community, expanding confidence in their goals

4 minute read The Governor’s Institutes of Vermont (GIV) hosted their ninth year of the Entrepreneurship: Creativity and Innovation Institute, one of eight specialized areas of interest they offer for Vermont teenagers and highschoolers throughout the summer. Each residential institute is an adventure that focuses on a topic and offers an in-depth experience built around learning, interacting, and […]

VtSBDC business advisors use market research that can help inform you when making decisions for your small business

2 minute read As a small business owner, have you wondered how your business stacks up compared to others in the same field? Or how to use knowledge of your industry to improve your sales and marketing approach? As part of VtSBDC’s day-to-day work providing no-fee, confidential, one-to-one advising, our advisors can go from helping a tech startup […]

How to Get Your Business Tax-Ready This Year

2 minute read Is your business “tax-ready”? For Vermont’s small business owners, the arrival of 2023 means that it’s time to prepare your 2022 year-end items for your tax preparer. To make the process as easy as possible, Carol Feliciano, VtSBDC consultant and owner of 802 Books & Taxes, created a user-friendly checklist of everything you will need. […]

Vermont No. 1 Ranking Is an Opportunity to Grow

2 minute read By Amanda Kuhnert  When it comes to attracting future business owners, Vermont has a lot going for it. This year CNBC ranked Vermont as the best state to live in based upon our No. 1 ranking for Life, Health, & Inclusion in the network’s annual “America’s Top States for Business” study. And we know, based upon […]

Business Around the World

2 minute read VtSBDC joins Vermont businesses in celebration ofGlobal Entrepreneurship Week November 14-20, 2022 is Global Entrepreneurship Week. Why is that significant for Vermont’s business community? While small in square miles, our region has made big inroads on the international landscape. Vermont’s business environment has always encouraged forward thinking, new ideas, and ground breaking innovation. At the […]

Fraud and Scams: Are You Prepared to Protect Your Business?

7 minute read by Sergio Alvares, VtSBDC Statewide Advisor, Strategic Projects What is the Limit of Our Ability to Assess Risk?  “Risk is what’s left over after you think you’ve thought of everything.” – Carl Richards There are infinitely more things we do not know than there are things we know. If all human knowledge is a pie, […]

Course for Vermont educators energized by solving problems, inspiring creativity, and having fun

3 minute read The lakeside view from the Lake Morey Resort conference room was spectacular, but the real action was taking place inside the room where VtSBDC Advisor and Student Entrepreneurship Specialist Laurel Butler and VtSBDC Consultant and CVU faculty member Tamie-Jo Dickinson facilitated the kickoff of Creativity and Innovation, a course for Vermont educators that offers three […]

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month

2 minute read A Quick Guide to VtSBDC Resources for Vermont’s Small Business Owners & Employee If you are in Vermont, October brings to mind pumpkins and spectacular views. For the small business community, this month also signifies Cybersecurity Awareness Month when inboxes fill with warnings about computer fraud, digital scams, and the myriad of risks we all […]

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