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Keep Your Business Safe from Hackers

3 minute read Uptown Cow owner Jacob Dubois offers helpful tips on how to ramp up cybersecurity to protect your business The idea that cybersecurity measures are only for large, global businesses can potentially result in a dangerous situation for small business owners. Why? According to Jacob Dubois, owner of Burlington-based website design and e-commerce firm Uptown Cow, […]

Did you take a COVID EIDL Loan for Your Business?

3 minute read Here’s what you need to know about the extended deferment of payments By early 2021 the SBA had provided more than 3.7 million U.S. businesses with loans through the COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan program (EIDL), more than 6,500 of them in Vermont. COVID funding for businesses is now closed, but the SBA has recently […]


2 minute read *total number of hours in a week VtSBDC’s Weekly Schedule Resource offers a stress-free way to manage your time At VtSBDC, we know how hard it is to run a small business. We also recognize that it’s even harder when you must deal with supply chain issues, staffing challenges, and ongoing COVID-related matters. Imagine if […]

HOW DO YOU KNOW IF THE PRICE IS RIGHT? VtSBDC Advisors weigh in on how to calculate pricing for products & services

< 1 minute read As a small business owner, you know more about your product or service than anyone. You have developed an item or a concept to meet your highest standards, and you are ready to bring your goods or services to market. But one of the biggest hurdles entrepreneurs face is how to set your pricing. Why […]

Introducing Buying & Selling a Small Business, a Step-By-Step Guidebook to help both buyers and sellers navigate the process.

< 1 minute read Introducing Buying & Selling a Small Business, a new resource from VtSBDC that provides you with a Step-By-Step Guidebook to help both buyers and sellers navigate the process. Both buyer and seller should seek additional guidance from a business advisor. The sale of a business requires time, research and careful planning.  Buyers must do their […]

Introducing The Plan, a step-by-step guide to writing your business plan

< 1 minute read Introducing The Plan, a new resource from VtSBDC that provides you with a Step-By-Step Guidebook to Planning for your Business. Planning is your map to success in the business world. You need to write a business plan if you are:– Starting or buying a business– Financing or refinancing your business– Raising debt or equity capital […]

NEW VtSBDC Resource: Easy Tips for Figuring Out Your Break Even Point

< 1 minute read Good news for those using our newest resource “Back of the Envelope”. We’ve taken it a step further with a second helpful worksheet that will help you estimate how much and what you need to sell to break even. It’s as easy as adding your anticipated operating expenses and up to five products that will be sold. Next, you will add the […]

Pay Attention to the BACK of the Envelope

2 minute read In the start-up stage of a business, having access to capital will often be a key factor in determining its success. An important part of that capital structure can be the effective use of debt. In fact, borrowing is often necessary to grow or effectively manage cash flow. The essential part of managing debt is […]