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Online Presence Guide Part II: Time for the Next Steps

3 minute read With so much information to consider given the importance of your online presence, we divided our suggestions and resources into two parts. Part one encourages you to conduct an assessment of the current state of your website using a Check-Up and Homepage Review.  If you haven’t taken this initial step yet, you can find it […]

Reinvigorate Your Website with our Online Presence Guide

2 minute read If you’re looking to update and refresh your company’s website, look no further! This online presence guide is a great tool for both existing and new businesses. No matter what stage of business you’re in, this tool will offer best practices for your website and help set you up for success as you continue to […]

Finding Balance with the Weekly Schedule

2 minute read The Weekly Schedule is a crucial resource for any business owner. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting a side hustle, time is the most valuable resource you have. No matter what stage of business you are at, it’s important to consider how your personal life fits with your business responsibilities. We recommend using […]

Looking Ahead: 10 Tips for Small Business Survival

4 minute read Rising COVID-19 case counts. Travel restrictions. Quarantine. Reports on repeat that keep Vermont’s small business owners awake at night. And with the long winter months ahead, the increasing uncertainty about the future may seem daunting. But let’s pause here…and take a breath. The fact is that there are many things that are within our control, […]