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Getting to Know Your Entrepreneurial Self

3 minute read The Entrepreneurial Skills Matrix is an excellent tool for self-reflection. After completing this exercise, carefully analyze the results and set goals for yourself and your business. Think about the types of businesses or industries that would benefit from your current skills. Is your business included? Would your business struggle because of the skills you lack? […]

Balancing business ownership with military service

3 minute read For more than a decade, VtSBDC has actively supported veterans and service-connected Vermonters. VtSBDC works with service members as well as their families and business partners to prepare the business to be as healthy as possible going into a deployment, mitigating the threats of closure or severe stress. VtSBDC advisors also assist the person who […]

The Foundations of Strategic Planning

3 minute read You’ve heard it before, but we’ll say it again, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it.” This quote, originally said by Simon Sinek, is for entrepreneurs looking to inspire action as a mechanism for growing their business. The following article will speak to the importance of PURPOSE as the foundation […]

14 Tips for Boosting Operational Cash Flow

2 minute read Operational cash flow is what your business has and uses to represent its value. It is based on the everyday activities of a business: buying and selling. It can be used to offset risks and navigate debt. “Cash flow is the basis for all financial success and challenges,” says VtSBDC advisor, Steve Densham. Learning how […]