As you assess the short term and long term impact of COVID-19 on your business, we understand the challenging questions you are facing, and are here to help navigate the sometimes difficult decisions you must consider on how to restart your business. 

Business resiliency in the time of COVID-19 will require a rejuvenation of all the skills you harnessed and honed when you started your business. We have updated this page with a step-by-step guide to help you through the concurrent stages of reinvention, redirection, recovery, and eventually, re-opening. We hope you will use these steps to discover as much clarity as possible in this current and shifting environment.

Please continue to reach out with questions.

Quick Reference: COVID-19 Business Lending

COVID-19 Recovery Roadmap

Our goal is to provide the tools, resources and support to help you respond to the continuing and ever-changing business climate. 

The Master Flowchart below is designed to be a strategic framework to help you navigate the next 2 weeks, 24 months and beyond. You’ll see a series of “Action Items” that ultimately lead to decision nodes about your business in addition to “things to consider” as you revisit your business model, marketing plan, budget and financials. Please review the flowchart and then move onto the Business Assessment tool. You may also listen to an advisor-guided tour to help you navigate through this process.

Step 1: Assess: Current State of Your Business

Step 2: Create your Assumptions by diving deeper into three main components: 

1. Financials 2. Safety 3. Messaging & Marketing

Now is the time to start reimagining the future of your business, and to begin to strategize a path forward. These components are interrelated and should be considered in concert as you move forward. As you work through this process, we are available to advise and provide guidance. 

VtSBDC was here with you before, we are here now and we will be here with you into the future.  

Use the buttons below to navigate between the three main components of recovery. On each individual page, you will find guidance on how to follow the flowchart and additional resources.