Epic Wellness, South Burlington
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Epic Wellness: A Growing Company with a Unique Approach

by Amanda Kuhnert

Dr. Wendy Mehaffey was running a successful chiropractic practice when she reached out to Steve Densham, an advisor with the Vermont Small Business Development Center (VtSBDC). She needed help strategizing “next steps” in the evolution of her company, Epic Wellness in South Burlington, and making the transition from working “in” her practice to working “on” it.

When Dr. Mehaffey opened Epic Wellness in October 2010, she looked forward to the freedom and autonomy of self-employment. But it’s hard to enjoy the perks of ownership when every hour of the day is accounted for. Many business owners, when they start out, do all jobs in a company, pushing themselves to the limit. They’re so caught up in the minutia, it’s difficult to see the big picture.

In order to grow, entrepreneurs need to find other people who can handle the details so they can focus on moving their business forward. This is one of the challenges Dr. Mehaffey faced: projecting the right time to increase staffing in order to achieve her company’s next phase of growth.

She reached out to the VtSBDC for help. Steve Densham assisted Dr. Mehaffey in a few key areas: deciding when to expand her team; determining whether growth had reached a peak or plateau; systemizing; and break-even analysis.

“My work with Steve Densham from the VtSBDC has completely shifted my mindset regarding executing business decisions,” Dr. Mehaffey said. “He has helped me identify quantifiable metrics to determine the health of our business. It’s been a privilege to work with him for the last 2-plus years. I can’t wait to see how my business continues to grow with his guidance.”

Today Epic Wellness is home to 15 professionals, from on-site chiropractors and massage therapists to a robust administrative team. Unlike other chiropractic offices in Vermont, their services aren’t limited to their South Burlington-based clinic. This is what makes Epic Wellness unique. The company offers a unique program: on-site chiropractic care at area businesses. Instead of squeezing in appointments after work, employees are able to book a session during a break or lunch hour, without leaving their workplace. The Epic Wellness team offers a range of services, including chiropractic adjustments, chair massages, wellness lectures and education, online stretching programs, and office ergonomics. 

For more information, visit: epicwellnessvt.com.