Everlasting Herb Farm
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Wendy Mackenzie’s Everlasting Herb Farm has brought many beautiful personal care products to the Vermont Country Store in an exclusive sales relationship.

She now works to focus her line specifically on natural deodorants which she manufactures and sells online and in stores.

Community Navigator leads to multiple pathways for growth

With the CNPP funding, Wendy worked with business coach Laura Lind-Blum of The Idea Midwife to chart out multiple pathways for growth.

They discussed reaching $200K of sales, and created projected sales to reach other goals such as a full- or part-time employee at different hourly rates.

Laura on her work with Wendy:

“Through the generous support of the CNPP, I had the good fortune to work with Wendy as she explored the idea of growing her business in a new way. I can confidently say that this connection would not have happened without CNPP, and I would have missed the opportunity to work with such a delightful, committed, engaged, and enthusiastic woman business owner, growing a business that supports her vision, providing quality hand crafted products that are kind to the planet.”

Wendy on work with Laura:

“I loved working with Laura, and highly recommend working with her. I needed help envisioning how my little business could grow into a bigger business. She helped me see things I never would have thought of, things I never imagined as possibilities.  The idea of doing a trade show, or even hiring full- time employees were just not things I thought I could possibly ever do.  We ran the numbers, and these are real possibilities for the future.  She taught me to think of ways to make routine things I might dread doing actually fun.”

Wendy is energized to expand her vision to provide “skincare solutions made from plants to soothe your body & heal the planet.”

This story is part of the Community Navigator Pilot Program. Learn more at vtsbdc.org/find-cnpp. 

Funding (in part) through a grant with the U.S. Small Business Administration.