In person events – retail and wholesale events from food shows to farmer’s markets – are a major source of income for the Value-Added Food businesses in Vermont.

However, they are also a major commitment of both time and money that need to be properly managed to yield the best results.

To help you decide if any in-person selling event is the right addition to your marketing efforts we have created a simple, but effective 4-step process.

The Steps are as follows (each step has expanded information including questions to answer and steps to take when you click on the link):

Step One: Are you ready to sell your product at a show?

This step will help you answer both if your product is in-person event ready. And additionally if your marketing and production process is in place to support increased sales.

Step Two: Are in-person events right for your business?

The next step is to analyze the “big picture” of whether or not in-person events are a viable revenue stream for your business.

Step Three: Yes, in-person events are a good choice for my business…now what?

So you’ve decided that in-person events are the right choice so this step will allow you to analyze each potential event, create your in-person event schedule and then begin to prepare for and manage the events.

Step Four: Post event…what to do now?

Post event management goes beyond just fulfillment of the orders so we have created a list of to-dos that include on-going analysis of each event and its addition to your bottom line.


Culinary Costing Template

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Individual Pre-Event Analyzer

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