Intellectual Property: Opportunities, Barriers, and Challenges

Vermont Law School presents the webinar: Intellectual Property: Opportunities, Barriers, and Challenges. This April 20, 2022 virtual event featured:

  • Oliver Goodenough
  • “Verse” Ryan Burgess
  • Chianna Hart
  • Robert Baker

Verse shared the lessons learned as he set-up his business, configured his contracts, and explained his work flow and relationship with award-winning artists with billions of downloads.

Vermont Law School students and faculty explain:

  • Basics of Intellectual Property and ownership of your creative ideas
  • Protecting and monetizing products with examples from the music industry
  • Differences between copyrights, patents and patent life cycles, trade secrets, and trademarks
  • Challenges for marginalized communities including funding to defend IP, knowledge needed, and support
  • Tips for getting started and protecting intellectual property now and to build generational wealth

This webinar is part of the Vermont Community Navigator Pilot Program administered by the Vermont Small Business Development Center with funding from the U.S. Small Business Administration.

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Webinar presented by Vermont Law School and hosted by VtSBDC: as part of the Community Navigator Pilot Program.



Funding [in part] through a Grant with the U.S. Small Business Administration