Remember that Communication is a critical factor in your recovery plan. Even before reopening, you will want to convey that your business is ready to welcome back guests, and that your environment is a safe and healthy place for your staff, vendors and clients/customers. As a business leader, your strength and confidence will reassure your constituents that you are doing everything you can to keep them safe. It’s not enough to simply open the doors and wait for people to come in – your effective communication plan will be the key to regenerating traffic and sales for your business.

Some business owners will try to attain a “new normal” that most closely resembles a pre-COVID experience, you might use this unique opportunity to reevaluate your goals, even viewing your business as a start-up once again. In fact, you may decide to take an entirely different direction.

The following chart is designed to guide you through specific action items and decision points. The outline has links (in green) to helpful tools such as checklists, articles, online courses and more.  

Recovery Plan - Marketing

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Step 1: Assess: Current State of Your Business

Step 2: Assumptions: Building 12 Month Projection

COVID-19 Recovery Plan, Messaging & Marketing: 

  1. Create the “Safety” Message 
    1. Review & Answer Questions About Your Business
      1. Write a Short Narrative and consider visual supports (photos, video)
    2. Create COVID-19 Communication Plan 
  2. Update Business Marketing Plan
    1. Relationship Building 
      1. Advocates 
      2. Key partners 
      3. Vendors 
      4. Other local businesses 
    2. Marketing Strategy 
      1. Off-line 
        1. Signage
        2. You & Your Staff 
        3. Print Materials 
      2. Online 
        1. Email campaigns 
        2. Website updates 
        3. Social media 
        4. Newsletter updates 
        5. Online advertising 
    3. Staff Updates 
      1. Training (safety & messaging) 
      2. Necessary changes to job descriptions 
      3. Necessary new hires 
  3. Set calendar dates to revisit and review all three key components 

Additional Resources: