NEW VtSBDC Resource: Easy Tips for Figuring Out Your Break Even Point
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Good news for those using our newest resource “Back of the Envelope”. We’ve taken it a step further with a second helpful worksheet that will help you estimate how much and what you need to sell to break even. It’s as easy as adding your anticipated operating expenses and up to five products that will be sold. Next, you will add the price of each product, variable cost (or COGS), and % of overall sales for each product to be sold. Presto! Your break even analysis will auto populate your break-even point in both units and dollars. Knowledge is power, and this information will empower you to work with your VtSBDC advisor to make better decisions about your products and pricing. And in case you missed it, read more here about how to figure out helpful calculations on the “back of the envelope.”

Looking for more? Check out our resources page or reach out to your regional advisor!

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