Preparing to Meet with a Bankruptcy Attorney
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In February, we hosted a webinar with Vermont Law School on Small Business Bankruptcy and Reorganization. The goal of this webinar was to clarify the available options, demystify the legal process and destigmatize common misconceptions about bankruptcy. One question that was frequently asked during this webinar was, “How should I prepare for a consultation about  securing my financial future?” We’re here to help answer that question for you.

Business Overview:
Give the lawyer you want to work with an idea of who you are, what your business does, and what is currently happening within the business that is causing you to consider bankruptcy.  You may include pieces from your business plan in order to provide a description of your services. 

Organizational Documents (if applicable)

  • Operating Agreement 
  • Partnership 

Business Financials:

Company Balance Sheets


  • Mortgage/Lease/Car Loans
  • Vehicle Car Calculation
  • List of Real Property Valuations
  • Inventory


  • Current Credit Reports
  • Credit Card, Collections, Bills, etc
  • Outstanding Invoices


  • Investment/Retirement Statements

If you would like to better understand these financial terms and documents, check out our new financial series Know Your Number$.   

Being able to discuss these topics with the lawyer will be critical.

This checklist will help create an outline of what to prepare before your first meeting with a lawyer. All of these together create a snapshot of both who you are and your business purpose, the health or stability of the organization and outstanding financial obligations.

Looking for more? Check out our resources page or reach out to your regional advisor!

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