Protect Your Intellectual Property
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If you are an innovator, inventor, or creator, your intellectual property (IP) is a vital component of your business and your livelihood. It is essential for you to understand what intellectual property is, and to know that your IP is a valuable component of your business that differentiates it in the marketplace. IP can also be vulnerable, and a business must identify what IP assets they own and know how best to protect them.

As an authority in several emerging areas of law including intellectual property, Professor Oliver R. Goodenough of Vermont Law School urges innovators to assess their options from the legal standpoint very early in the process.

“Intellectual property – copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret – is one of the most important elements in a successful business,” said Professor Goodenough.  “Knowing how to protect your own portfolio of intellectual assets, and how to avoid violating the rights of others, is critical knowledge for a 21st Century entrepreneur.”

If you own or are starting a technology-focused company developing new products or services, VtSBDC’s advising team is here to help you through the process with specific expertise from Scott Holson, a business advisor who specializes in Innovation and Technology Commercialization. 

To help you get started, VtSBDC’s Intellectual Property web page features sections on “Intellectual Property…What You Need to Know” and “Commercializing and Funding Your Project.” For even more education, learn more about demystifying the topic of Intellectual Property with a helpful webinar created by Vermont Law School, facilitated by Professor Goodenough, and hosted by VtSBDC.

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