As you plan to reopen your business, you will need to take an in-depth look at how to manage health and safety for your staff, clients and customers. In addition to mandatory governmental regulations now in place, you will need to take additional measures to ensure that people feel safe in your environment. Your plan must encompass everything from staff training and operational changes to communication strategies for your employees and customers. 

The following chart is designed to guide you through specific action items and decision points. The outline has links (in green) to helpful tools such as training documents, signage templates, reference material and more. Navigate to the FINANCES category to consider how these changes will impact your business.  

Recovery Plan - Safety

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Step 1: Assess: Current State of Your Business

Step 2: Assumptions: Building 12 Month Projections

COVID-19 Recovery Plan, Safety (Employees + Customers): 

  1. Safety for Employees 
    1. Review all Guidelines 
      1. Center for Disease Control (CDC) 
      2. Agency of Commerce & Community Development (ACCD) 
      3. Vermont Occupational Safety & Health Administration (VOSHA) 
      4. Industry Specific Guides 
        1. Hospitality 
          1. Phased Reopening Guide – Webinar 
          2. Phased Reopening Guide – Presentation
          3. Restaurant Owner Resources
        2. Retail 
        3. Manufacturing 
        4. Agriculture
        5. Creative Economy
    2. Create Business Safety Protocols (ACCD Resources) 
      1. Designate Safety Officer 
      2. Create Written Plan 
      3. Create & Print all Signage
    3. Staff Safety Training 
      1. Mandatory VOSHA Training
      2. Training on Customer Messaging
    4. Create Safety Training Review Schedule 
      1. Continue to gather employee concerns and discuss solutions 
  2. Safety for Customers 
    1. Create Customer Safety Protocols  
    2. Create Customer-Focused Messaging
    3. Launch Customer-Focused Messaging
    4. Feedback: Review Customer Reactions 
  3. Set calendar dates to revisit and review all three key components 

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