Pandemic fatigue is a new word we’ve added to our vocabulary in late 2020 and it is a phenomenon that you will have to combat if you’re going to keep your business open and safe for employees and customers (and yourself). As a business owner it is your responsibility to take a leadership role and maintain the highest level of safety with a consistent messaging plan. Your strength and confidence will reassure your constituents that you are doing everything you can to keep them safe. It’s not enough to simply open the doors and wait for people to come in – your effective communication plan will be the key to maintaining and replenishing traffic and sales for your business.

This is a process that includes:

  • Create/review/update your business’s Safety Protocol.
  • Message that protocol using every available outreach method (from your staff modeling the protocol to signage to social media).

Review the Safety and Messaging flow chart and if you do not have all of the steps completed you should do them now and then add dates in your calendar to review each item. The chart is designed to guide you through specific action items and decision points. The accompanying worksheets have links to helpful tools such as training documents, signage templates, reference material and more.

And do not forget to assess the cost of the messaging to add to your continuing review of the financial implications. 

Here is a quick look at the steps outlined in the Safety & Messaging Flow Chart:

Step 1: Create your business’s written Safety Protocol using the Safety Protocol Worksheet.

Step 2: Train Staff using your written protocol and the Customer Messaging (see below).

Note: it is imperative that new staff take the VOSHA training and have a printed certificate in their employee file.

Step 3: Translate your Safety Protocol into Customer Messaging using the Translate and Launch Your COVID-19 Safety Message Worksheet

Step 4: Launch message using all available outreach methods available as outlined in the Translate and Launch Your COVID-19 Safety Message Worksheet.

Step 5: Merge COVID-19 Safety Messaging with both your pre-COVID Business Marketing Plan and any new marketing needed on new 2021 pivots where ever necessary

Step 6: Set calendar dates to revisit and review.