In today’s business climate, the use of the internet is an integral key to success. With the use of broadband technology, Vermont business owners can open a new world of opportunity that may have been hidden in the past. These opportunities include government contracting, a worldwide market, new ways of marketing and advertising products and services, as well as increased internal efficiencies. Through our digital advising services, VtSBDC will help businesses connect with their community, their customers, and the rest of the world.

VtSBDC will work closely with the businesses to increase their business use of the internet. These efforts will include, but are not limited to:

• Assisting businesses in establishing and improving their online presence.
• Providing one-on-one business advising, as well as training.
• Seeking business efficiencies through broadband technology.
• Advisement and training in better marketing of products and services online.
• Training businesses in the use of online social networking as a business tool.
• Incorporating the use of the internet in start-up businesses.
• Working with businesses that are solely internet based.
• Provide market analysis and exploring online markets to assist in business planning.

We encourage you to contact us for e-Commerce Advising using the “Request Advising” link on the right side of this page to get started on a path to your digital business future.