Laurel Butler

Specialty Advisor

Start-Up and Student Entrepreneurship

VtSBDC, in partnership with Vermont Business Education Corporation (VBEC), is committed to the students of Vermont becoming entrepreneurs invested in the growth of our state.

VBEC hosts statewide student and teacher entrepreneurship programs. It provides teacher trainings and programs within schools and showcases annual entrepreneurship events as high school/career technical center business plan and pitch competitions, etc. It utilizes many of the VtSBDC resources plus incorporates VT REAL (Rural Entrepreneurship through Action Learning), an experiential learning curriculum that develops entrepreneurial knowledge and skills, while guiding participants through the process of planning, creating and operating a business of their own design. Programs are designed to foster the students’ entrepreneurial mindset so they are able to see problems as opportunities to create social and economic value and act on them now.

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16TH Annual HS/CTE Students

2024 Business/Entrepreneurship Competitions Submission deadline: May 17, 2024

1. Business Model Canvas (BMC) Plans
2. Business Video Pitch Plans

Secondary Educator Professional Development

Creativity and Innovation

Entrepreneurship w/ Personal & Business Financial Literacy

Fall 2024 – Lake Morey Resort – Oct 14 & 15

Vermont State University w/ option to earn 3 grad credits through Castleton VTSU

or Professional Development credits only
For those new to program – and for those returning from previous programs

  • $775 includes: Program/Conference/Registration (meals/overnight) – 15 PD hours
  • $950 Option for 3 Graduate Credits through VT State University (Castleton)

October conference plus 2.5 hours monthly through early May 2025

Old Flyer 

“Creativity & Innovation” – for all SECONDARY STUDENTS

Governor's Institute of Vermont – Entrepreneurship

The new Vermont State University – at Randolph Campus (Vermont Tech)

June 23 – June 28, 2024 (residential program)

Join this, hands-on experiential entrepreneurial program and learn what it takes

to create a successful business to compete in today’s market.

Past Events and Programs

The 15th Annual

2024 Vermont Entrepreneurship (Virtual) Day

From Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Theme: “Vermont Entrepreneurs…. Finding Your Groove”

The “Vermont Entrepreneurs …. Finding Your Groove” competition is an exciting and engaging opportunity for high school students in Vermont to explore the world of entrepreneurship through creative expression. The competition revolves around two main components: graphic design and video interviews with Vermont-based business owners.  Both culminating event on Feb 7, 2024 and competitions aim to celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship, encourage self-discovery, and inspire students to explore their passions and creativity. By connecting with real-life entrepreneurs and expressing their insights through graphic design and storytelling, students will gain a deeper appreciation for the transformative power of entrepreneurship in Vermont.  This also gives students greater knowledge and awareness for what’s available right here in Vermont’s workforce or what might be possibilities for one day starting/creating a venture of their own design and building additional workforce opportunities for others.

Competition Guidelines and Ready to use Lesson Plan
10 Tips for Creating a Compelling Video

Competition Entry Form

PowerPoint Slides

Agenda with timestamps

14th (February 9, 2023) Annual

Vermont Entrepreneurship Day attended by more than 400 students, educators, and community leaders

15th Annual HS/CTE Students

Business/Entrepreneurship 2023 Competitions - Submission deadline: May 19th

14th Annual Student Business/Entrepreneurship 2022 Competitions - Submission deadline: May 2nd

1. Business Model Canvas (BMC) Plans
2. Business Video Pitch Plans


2022 Virtual Entrepreneurship Day

Wednesday, February 9

13th Annual Student Business/Entrepreneurship 2021 Competitions

1. Business Model Canvas (BMC) Plans
2. Business Video Pitch Plans

12th Annual Student Entrepreneurship Day – Feb 10th, 2021 [Virtual Event] – and Visual Media Competition

High School/Career Technical Center Students from around the State celebrated Entrepreneurship Day – February 5, 2019

2 minute read “Vermont Entrepreneurs….. Creating Solutions” Hosted by: the Vermont Small Business Development Center, VT Career & Technical Center Student Organizations, VT SBA and the Vermont Business Education Corps. Over 225 secondary students and their teachers from around the state participated in the 10th annual Entrepreneurship Day/Event February 5, 2019 in Montpelier to celebrate the importance of Vermont […]