Laurel Butler

Specialty Advisor

Start-Up and Student Entrepreneurship

VtSBDC, in partnership with Vermont Business Education Corporation (VBEC), is committed to the students of Vermont becoming entrepreneurs invested in the growth of our state.

VBEC hosts statewide student and teacher entrepreneurship programs. It provides teacher trainings and programs within schools and showcases annual entrepreneurship events as high school/career technical center business plan and pitch competitions, etc. It utilizes many of the VtSBDC resources plus incorporates VT REAL (Rural Entrepreneurship through Action Learning), an experiential learning curriculum that develops entrepreneurial knowledge and skills, while guiding participants through the process of planning, creating and operating a business of their own design. Programs are designed to foster the students’ entrepreneurial mindset so they are able to see problems as opportunities to create social and economic value and act on them now.

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