Welcome to State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI) Program – Technical Assistance


The State of Vermont has designated VtSBDC as the Technical Assistance provider for the SSBCI program for the entire state of Vermont to deliver the program’s services.

SSBCI is a multi-year federal program administered by the U.S. Treasury, providing a combination of credit and investment programs for existing small businesses and start-ups. In addition, the program provides technical assistance for small businesses in the areas of legal, accounting, and finance advisory services, whether they are applying or not for SSBCI capital or other government funding programs.

SSBCI in a nutshell:

  • Technical Assistance: legal, accounting, and finance advisory services (funded by the program)
  • Capital Access Programs: debt and venture capital


The program is designed to assist small businesses under two categories:

Very Small Business (VSB): a business with fewer than 10 employees (includes independent contractors and sole proprietors)

Socially and Economically Disadvantaged Individuals (SEDI): a business owned and controlled by individuals who have had their access to credit diminished due to: (1) membership of a group that has been subjected to racial or ethnic prejudice or cultural bias within American society, (2) gender, (3) veteran status, (4) limited English proficiency, (5) disability, (6) long term residence in an environment isolated from the mainstream of American society, (7) membership of a federally or state recognized Indian Tribe, (8) long term residence in a rural community, (9) residence in a U.S. territory, (10) residence in a community undergoing economic transitions, or (11) membership of an underserved community.


  1. Fill out and submit the eligibility/intake form using the button below
  2. Our program advisor will reach out within 48 business hours to schedule a consultation
  3. During the consultation, we will assess your business needs and suitability for the program services
  4. If the business needs fit the program offerings, we will refer you to our partners who will provide you with the needed legal, accounting, and finance advisory services