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We are delighted to announce the placements for the 11th Annual Entrepreneurship – Visual Media Competition – as below.  We wish this announcement had been at the event today – cancelled due to weather.  We want to congratulate all of the students with winning entries as well as all of the students who submitted entries – all were amazing – and difficult decisions by the judges.  Thank you also to all of the teachers/advisors/educators involved in this event. 


 Bumper Sticker Designs Student
1st Place Tylor Dunican
2nd Place Sophia Johnston
3rd Place Ally Cady  
Honorable Mention Charles Gratton
Honorable Mention Cole Chagnon
Honorable Mention Daniel Chapple & Silas Pearson
Honorable Mention Lydia Boekholt
Honorable Mention Neelie Markley
Videos Student 
1st Place Sadie Kobak & Savannah Corey
2nd Place Fatima Khan
3rd Place Anastasia Page and Alex Lamoureux
Honorable Mention David Klinker