Vermont Tree Goods LLC, Bristol
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Vermonters have a long history of ingenuity and thrift when it comes to creating homespun works of art made from materials that many would have simply discarded. Vermont Tree Goods LLC in Bristol is a proud to carry on this uniquely Vermont tradition.
“We utilize trees that in most cases would literally be discarded to create uniquely beautiful wood products,” said John Monks, owner of the recently opened furniture making company. The company specializes in producing furniture from one-of-a-kind natural edged lumber harvested from salvaged trees. Most of this lumber would have been simply thrown away if not for Vermont
Tree Goods interest in the product.
Monks said he decided to go into business for many reasons, but that his main reason was his passion for woodworking in general. What began as a hobby he did on his own, eventually led to requests for him to build furniture and other items for people who had seen his work. Eventually Monks decided there was enough interest to start his own business.
But before taking the plunge, he knew he needed to know more than just how to build beautiful furniture products, citing preparing financial documentation and obtaining business financing to start the business as two of his greatest concerns. He quickly contacted Vermont Small Business Development Center (VtSBDC) area advisor Steve Paddock to assist with these issues.
The two quickly went to work forecasting and tracking business finances, building and understanding Excel spreadsheets and examining common new business challenges, as well as clarifying Monks’ vision for the future of his business to ensure the business is viable and “makes sense.” Monks described the experience “essential” to his business planning, attributing his initial success to Paddock’s “wisdom.”
“Working with Steve Paddock has proven both beneficial and essential to the starting up and growth of our business,” Monks said. “In addition to his expertise with business finances, Steve has a wealth of experience and wisdom from having worked with many other businesses in similar stages. I am truly appreciative of the program and would highly recommend it to others.”
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