VtSBDC has been working with VT entrepreneurs since 1992.  We value your amazing creativity and what you bring to Vermont!  Our goal is to help you make informed decisions so that you can start, grow and sustain your business over time.  And, it’s FREE.

Our Advisors all have real-world business backgrounds in everything from banking to the arts to retail.  

Are you a business owner or are you starting a business?  We provide no-cost, one-on-one, confidential business advising throughout Vermont.  We can meet in person or via zoom or phone.

How can we help you?

  • Are you going to be pitching your business?  We have great resources and we can listen to your pitch and help you prepare.
  • Are you getting ready to graduate and you want to explore owning your own business?
  • Are you pursuing a business idea while you are in school and you’d like to know what steps to take?
  • Do you need help finding market research about your industry? We have access to subscription only tools.
  • Start your own business workshop: FREE if you are in school (any Vermont-based school).  A $129 value.

Testimonial from Start your own business workshop:

“Being able to sit in the room with other potential small business owners gave me the opportunity to network with other people who were going through similar processes.  Listening to each describe their businesses and their questions made me realize that there was stuff I wasn’t even thinking of that needed to be addressed. I walked out of class with focus, excitement and clear next steps.” Greg (February 2019)